What’s your style ?

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I’m super excited to finally have my blog up and running, and to be able to share everything I love with you guys!

I think it’s safe to say that most girls have lots of different styles they turn to, for the different moods they’re in. Sassy, alternative, sporty, rock chicky, chic, beach babe… the list goes on and on. I envy the girls that can chop and change styles. They are like chameleons in fashion. I do not have this chameleon gift. I have gym wear, really nice clothes, and the clothes only my dogs can see me wear haha. So whenever I do wear something nice, I need to make sure I snap it just for you !

All outfit details will be included in my posts. Happy Friday ladies !!

Top – Sheike

Pants – Kookai

Shoes – Guess

Sunglasses – Bvlgari


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