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I haven’t written a blog for a while now, and finally having some time and clear head space, here I am. I guess in my mind I had constant road blocks which frustrated me because I love sharing what I’m doing in general and with my business, and putting pen to paper (so to speak) was getting really hard for me. So where to begin…


On August 5th, I launched my hair care brand Kus Culture. Now being just over a month later I can breathe a little. I was, and still am, overwhelmed by the support from close friends and family, which spread to complete strangers wanting to start their hair care journey with me.

A quick wrap up of my first product drop:

  • 2 essential hair care serums
  • 3 hand crafted wooden combs
  • 2 chrome tangle tamers

Between Kus Culture launching and now, I’ve been working at my full time job that I love, packing orders (thank you), working on marketing for Kus Culture, and travelling to the Gold Coast to see my fam. Plus amongst all this, getting in some quality time with my man. To say that my gym bod has deflated is an understatement, but I’m really trying to work on my vlogs so who knows we may do a couples vlog on how we transform from shit back to fit haha !

This is a vlog we did last Sunday on our typical day off together. Quality time is important with running our busy lives, and Cairns always brings us adventure and laughs.

I’m interested to know your thoughts on Kus Culture, and my vlog ! Feel free to email me at info@thewayivogue.com or contact me on insta @thewayivogue 🙂

SHOP: kusculture.com

INSTA: @kusculture

FB: KusCulture

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