The Story

Kus Culture is a hair care brand created by The Way I Vogue blogger, Cassy. Cassy’s look has always been determined by her hair, even at a young age when she was experimenting with different cuts and colours. Back then, she didn’t take into consideration the care needed to maintain healthy and strong hair. Cassy changed her hair colour from white blonde, to black, to cherry red, to purple/black, to belayage, and back to black. To say her hair has been washed in the salon’s sink a bit, is an understatement.

When her colour changing years passed her, she started experimenting with different treatments, conditioners, masks and daily hair care routines. On the daily, Cassy had friends, family, and even complete strangers complimenting her on her hair and how healthy it always looked and felt. She was using many different products from expensive and exclusive companies, to others that were common and lowkey. She was constantly writing down for people what she used and when she used it, that she started to dream of one day owning her own hair care business where she creates the products.

In 2017, after some serious soul searching in Europe, Cassy returned home and thought it’s now or never. She has combined all her favourite natural ingredients into her products to create her own ultimate hair care culture. Using sulphate free and organic ingredients, the final products are elite hair care essentials for everyday use, for your everyday girl. With her years of ongoing research and strong manufacturing team, Cassy has brought her dream to life with
Kus Culture.

What’s in the name?

“When talking about my brand Kus Culture, people always ask me where the name came from. It’s a funny story because I spent weeks racking my brain for the perfect name, and my partner came up with a play on my last name ‘kus-kus’ (said as couscous) short for Markus. At the time I brushed it off, because I knew he was making fun of me... but after another week or so just the single Kus grew on me. Hence now we have Kus Culture..” - Cassy