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This year I’ve made a pretty big move for someone pretty special to me. A massive lifestyle change has me now living in Cairns, Far North Queensland. If you don’t know where that is…

Top right hand side of Australia. So I’ve officially moved from Melbourne, to Gold Coast / Brisbane, and now up to Cairns for my man. Will is an amazing person, that has many of the same values and aspirations that I do. I think that’s why we get along so well, when you know, you just know.

Back to my move, it hasn’t been easy leaving family, friends and doggo, Lizzy, behind on the Gold Coast. My mum helped me pack my life up in my car and drive 2000km north. It was a stressful couple of days with the fuel cap on my car breaking on our first fuel stop, and that didn’t make the rest of the drive easy. When we finally got to Cairns, we were hit hard by the humidity haha. They don’t call it tropical Far North Queensland for nothing.

All in all, this new chapter of my life is one I’m proud of and excited for. In the coming months I’ll be starting a new management role, doing some online study, and launching Kus Culture ! There has never been a better time to push myself. I don’t want to look back at my 20’s and think I could have done things better or pushed myself further. Now is the time to achieve.

Here is the perfect place for me to focus on me. I’m surrounded by business and passionate people. My father running his own business; Kwix Global , and my partner his; Computer Man.

My brand is so important to me and I’m beyond excited to launch my first two products, combs and brushes for you all to buy, and get amazing results. If you want to know more about the launch, visit the Kus Culture tab, go to The Story and subscribe 🙂

A little bit about my sole reason for moving so far from home… It hasn’t even been 6 months yet and we’re two overseas holidays down, business planning, future planning. It’s such a great feeling to excel with someone! He inspires me everyday, and helps me keep motivated.

What’s next for your future ? Did you want to be apart of the Kus Culture team ? Email me on or DM me on Instagram; @thewayivogue and let’s chat about the launch and becoming a #KusBabe 😉

Cass x

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