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Hello beauties !

So as you know, if you read my Bali blog, I came home with Bali belly 🙁 So this year took me a little longer to get back into a proper gym routine. I’m sure we all have set backs, but the key is to never give up, never stop bettering yourself !

Two of my health goals for this year are, to improve my cardio fitness… because every time I do fast paced cardio I feel like I’m dying haha. Also to drink A LOT more water everyday. To step up my game on these two particular goals, everyday when I go to the gym I keep going for longer and longer on the elliptical machine. Now I’ve even added some interval training with it too! As for my H2O intake, I found these cool big bottles from The Big Bottle Co. 

Everyday I’m making sure I drink at least one big bottle, and hopefully I can pick it up from there. This company however is pretty cool. I even got some booster powder from them which is really yummy. It’s great for people who don’t like drinking water or don’t like the taste of plain water. Just add a scoop to your big bottle and you’re set 🙂

I have so many goals for this year and it’s turning out to be such a good start so far ! I’m so excited to share with you, the launch of my company very shortly, and the start of my YouTube channel, filled with personal vlogs !

Keep smiling 🙂

Cassy x

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