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Kon’nichiwa !

We’ve just come home from Niseko, which is in Japan! It was super exciting because I’ve never seen THAT much snow before, nor have I ever seen it actually snowing. We spent a couple of weeks away, which 10 of those days were on the slopes. When I say ‘we’ I mean that all the males of the group and some females knew how to ski and snow board. Myself on the other hand, had some more difficulties getting my skis on hahaha.

The most embarrassing thing happened to me on this trip. The first day on the slopes I was trying to impress my man and probably went up too high on the mountain… I had a bit of a panic with the speed I was getting and fell awkwardly, twisting my knee. Here’s the funny part! The Japanese medical team that work on the slopes came down and assessed that I couldn’t get down the rest of the hill. So they strapped me up on a sled type stretcher, which meant I was strapped up with 5 buckles and a body bag… just to get me down the hill! I have never cried from pain, and laughed so hard in my entire life. Two men sled me down the hill, making a lot of noise with whistles to get people out of the way, as I cried with each bump, and laughed with each blurred face whizzing past me. These poor people would have thought I was dead in this bag hahaha !

Needless to say, day two I got a lesson and they taught me how to stop ! The rest of the time was just spent taking it easy and working on my blog and new hair care range coming out soon.

Here’s a mini vlog on our trip 🙂


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