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Hi Beauties !

I have put this write up under all categories because it’s not a topic I usually blog about, but something that’s very close to my heart. What I have written is my personal views and thoughts that I aspire to spread to anyone who is willing to listen and read. This is.. The Way I Vogue.

Self health. When you read these words, what do they mean to you ? Take a second before reading on. It can be quite a broad meaning really. As a counsellor (a non practising one, but still a counsellor), I feel I’m quite empathetic to a lot of different meanings that people come up with when they describe to me what self health means to them. Nowadays, we all get so caught up with our own lives, social media, work, business, studies, gossip, even Netflix, that we forget to look after ourselves. Sometimes, if you’re like me, you think you are looking after yourself by eating right, excising enough, and having a ‘balanced life’. But is it really balanced ? I feel that personally in my past I would do this, and still look out for everyone around me, but me. Is it selfish to look out for yourself over others ? It shouldn’t be, but why do we feel so guilty when we start to look out for number one…

We all need to look after ourselves, BEFORE we can look after others. Yes I know this sounds so ‘love yourself before you can love anyone else’, but it’s true. All the girls in my generation now keep telling each other, ‘you do you girlfriend’, and as I sit here writing, I’m giggling to myself because, how do I do me? It’s the same question I’ve been asking, what’s self health ? Let’s get through some basic points to tick off on your self health list. 🙂

Mind Time.

Mind Time is probably the most hardest one to accomplish in your journey, but the most important. Without designated time to yourself, and only yourself, you will burn out in life. On so many occasions I have struggled giving myself some downtime, whether it be reading a book, or going for a walk, anything that will help clear your mind. Every one of us can probably admit that they give themselves time at night watching TV and unwinding… But how much time ? And are you on your own ? To be able to fully reflect on yourself, you need your mind to work, and although it’s so great to just sit mindlessly in front of your TV, it’s always better to keep your mind on and healthy when it’s time to focus on you. Good reflection time. So I encourage going for a walk to the park, on the beach, somewhere with your phone on silent in your pocket and not in your hand scrolling. Start doing this once a week, and work your way up. Once you have achieved this, you’re ready for the next steps.

Sun Seeker.

Vitamin D, we all need it. And naturally this will help your body, and mind. I used to live in Melbourne, and since moving to the Gold Coast I feel a lot better everyday. There’s a constancy in weather and the sun. Now I’m not saying to move somewhere warmer, this just worked for me. I’m recommending getting your weekly or monthly dose of sunshine to help your body be healthy.


Oooo love ! One of my favourites. This doesn’t have to be with a significant other… it could be with your friends, family, pets. If you’re like me you will always show love by saying it, being open, or through little thoughtful gifts. But this is about making sure that the people who you love and care for, love you back. Life is too short to hang onto something that isn’t returning your heart, and no one will benefit from that situation. You are important and special, and anyone or anything you love should reciprocate it, otherwise get rid of it. 🙂


Challenge yourself. I don’t necessarily mean to get into arts and crafts, but to venture into something that you don’t normally. Create your life. I personally have taken up a fitness challenge because I’ve always been a weight lifting girl, and ever since my boyfriend took me on a hike the other week and I realised how completely hopeless I was, I’ve set the challenge to better myself. I’ve also started a new business which will be launching next year. Keep your mind working, and create your own future. Don’t live someone else’s.

These four points don’t seem like much, but leading into a new year, why don’t we actually try doing the ‘new me’ thing together, and focus more on ‘me’. Put things into perspective and back to basics. Are you happy with your journey ? And are you looking after you ? I joined Instagram and started working on there over two years ago now, and I see so many people rise and fall alongside myself. I really want to, like I said, take it all back to basics and really show you The Way I Vogue. Let’s do this together !

How Do You Vogue ?

Girls I really wanna know, how do you do things, how do you get on with your day. How do you travel and explore and learn. How do you incorporate fitness and food. How do you have fun, and most importantly.. how do you do you ! This is what I’m talking about. We can all take more care of ourselves! Let’s show the world how we vogue and spread love, joy and realness one step at a time. Tag me as you go 😉 @thewayivogue.


Cassy x

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