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Great glam, starts with great skin !

This week I’ve been trialing an Australian pink clay product on my skin and may I say, my face has never felt better ! Sand & Sky first caught my attention several months ago with their raving reviews on their product, and I’m so happy I finally tried it… that I even vlogged again. 🙂

I have clear skin, but it’s not that great. Under my eyes is very very sensitive, and I also have a skin condition called Milia, which is a cluster of white bumps that need to get manually (which is painful) extracted. I’m hoping that by using a natural clay like this, over time it will break down my pores and make it easier to extract my Milia.

Ten minutes for it to set and work its’ magic !! Have a look at my vlog to see how to use and how my face looks and feels after. 🙂

Cassy xx

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