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The launch of Kus Culture is almost here and I am beyond excited to share some details with you !

My team and I have been working very hard to bring my ideas and brand to life. In the upcoming weeks we will see all of our hard work pay off, with the launch of two products and some very neat hair care tools. If you haven’t already, check out ‘The Story’ under the Kus Culture tab. Over the past several months, I have been sharing snippets on my Instagram platforms @thewayivogue and @kusculture, of the products I have been working on, and today I wanted to give you all a rundown of the first product launch.

For what feels like a life time now, I have been working on creating the perfect products for nourishing, repairing and growing hair. I wasn’t born with my luscious locks, it’s something I worked very hard at getting and now am naturally maintaining, with the use of my own products.  For this first product launch I will be dropping two finishing serums, one is Jojoba oil infused with Sunflower, and the other is Jojoba oil infused with Mint.

Each luxurious glass bottle is 40ml and filled with goodness ! I’ve had some people ask me why serums first.. why not shampoos and conditioners. Serums are something that I believe are crucial to use daily to help hydrate your hair which in turn helps it grow. In the beginning I sat down with my team and came up with some simple formulas for both of these serums launching. They don’t have twenty plus ingredients in them, nor are they complicated. The simplicity of my products is what matters and what helps most.

Jojoba Oil with Mint, forms a natural balance between hair and scalp oils. It helps reduce excessive oil produced by the scalp and stimulates hair growth. By joining both jojoba oil and mint oil, you have the perfect tool to nourish your hair, scalp to ends.

Jojoba Oil with Sunflower, repairs damage caused from UV by creating a protective seal from roots to tips, preventing split ends; leaving you with thicker, more lush hair. Jojoba oil, infused with sunflower gives you the control against humidity and the effects of aging hair.

Alongside my exciting serums, I am also bringing out two hand crafted neem wood combs !!! I’m just as excited for these as I am the serums because finally we have something to spread the love through our hair, without damage. Why combs and why wooden ? There is nothing natural about fragile plastic, that can snap after a couple of uses. Neem wood is strong for all hair types, and glides through hair… trust me, with my hair I’ve tried it all. Combs are perfect for spreading through conditioners, masks and serums without the damage that a brush could cause, not to mention the knots that they glide through.

So I present two combs, one for thick hair and one for thinner hair both with handles… and a special limited edition thick hair comb with no handle.

Thin hair comb with handle, Thick hair comb without handle, Thick hair comb with handle.

These high end combs will come with an info care pack and how to use steps. How exciting !!! I do have some other surprises up my sleeves for this launch however I think I’ll have to leave them as a surprise 😉

So much work has gone into my company, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of my team, manufacturers, girl friends, parents and partner. They have all been there for me, which I am forever grateful for… but this is only the beginning 😉 Keep up to date by subscribing, and following my Insta platforms for more updates.

The products are almost here and I’d love to have you all on board.


Cassy x

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