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What does ‘being healthy‘ mean ? What does ‘getting into shape‘ mean ? We all have such different views for our own unique bodies, in understanding these questions. To be honest, I personally have no idea haha ! I change my mind on it so frequently based on where I’m at in my life. Social media has such a powerful influence on what our generation views as healthy and fit.. so I ask you now, are we looking at the right role models ?

This is embarrassing for me to admit, but when I started to get interested in fitness, I was looking at celebrity bodies that can afford millions of dollars on cosmetic surgery and personal trainers around the clock. It’s not real, and it took me down a failing road. I was more strict on my diet than what I needed to be, because I wanted the ‘perfect body’. Again I ask, what is a perfect body ? I cut out sugar and any naughty treats completely from my life, and trained weights harder and harder. These were my results…

Initially I was so proud and happy with my body. I’d lost any excess body fat and slimmed down. I was getting stronger at the gym too. I was also getting dizzy spells throughout the day, and injured a tricky muscle in my hip by getting taught the wrong technique. THIS took me for a spin ! How do I get to my goals of looking like a cosmetically enhanced celeb ? Hahaha !

From April to July 2017, I focused on eating more protein throughout my day so my muscles could heal from weight training. I also ate whatever I wanted on the weekends in moderation. By doing this I wasn’t getting dizzy anymore. I also just started training myself and learning more from YouTube videos. This is where my views changed ! I wanted to look fit, not plastic. I started following fitness models on Instagram and watching how they train. My hip was still not okay, and to this day I’m getting weekly treatments. So for now I’m doing the best I can with my body and keeping a happy diet.

What does a happy diet mean to me… Well since travelling Europe for almost three months this year I had come home with a new stomach. A slightly plumper stomach, but a smarter stomach. I decided I don’t want to look back at these years and regret ‘not eating out with my friends because I can only have chicken and rice’. Don’t get me wrong I am still eating a ton of chicken and brown rice in my day to day life, but now I just treat myself more often than just on weekends. I may have a banana and a donut. I may have pasta with lots of sauce for dinner. I eat what I want to eat ! Now I’m not saying, go forth and cut sick on junk food… no no no. I’m saying, keep your tummy and heart happy on your fitness journey. Don’t punish yourself, love yourself. I’m blessed with a naturally small tummy, so when I’m full, I physically can’t eat more. Therefore when i ‘treat myself’ it’s small portions, but then again when I eat healthy it’s small portions too. See how it’s hard to know what to do ? Haha. You just have to do you, and this is currently working for me. It may be a slower road for my end goals but it’s working.

When I got back from my holiday I was in denial about how much weight I’d gained from all the pasta, bread and alcohol I consumed whilst away. But with my new mentality I haven’t allowed myself to be super strict. Here are the results so far…

I’m happy I don’t look stick skinny and I’m keeping my curves on from my European carb binge haha ! Its’s still a big journey with my hip slowly healing and excess weight coming off. But I’m more determined than ever to have a healthy curvy body, with my new healthy habits.

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Cassy x

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