Happy Socks.

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Did you ever think that material to keep your feet warm, could make you happy ? Nope, I never considered it. Fun fact about me, I always wear socks at home. There is just a comfort factor about being home in my pj’s or rag clothes and socks.

Not too long ago, Happy Socks contacted me, and wanted to ship over some of their crazy print socks. I had to laugh because I thought, wow this is something that speaks to my soul! And now I just can’t get enough of them and keep ordering more.

They are such a comfy fit, and why not wear something a bit brighter or with a crazy print. Life is too short to be always serious haha. Did Happy Socks just give me more reasons to wear socks… all the time ?!!

Best thing is, they’re unisex, so you can stock up over Christmas for all the fam 🙂

Cassy x

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