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I feel like I haven’t blogged in months, but it’s only been a couple of weeks ! So much has been happening and I feel I need to fill you in on my February !!!

Where to even begin. This past month, Instagram is where all the action and immediate updates have been at. My fitness journey still continues with it’s struggles as my hip is still hurting daily. But I’ve upped my cardio and that’s keeping me motivated.. that’s a plus yeah haha. February is also my birthday month YAY ! This year was no big number to celebrate, but I was blessed to have my boyfriend, grandma and aunty visit me from interstate. I had a small family lunch, and then some friends met me at Garden Bar for drinks. I’m so thankful for the positive people I have surrounding me.

(Please note that the strand of hair across my boob was unauthorised.)

Onto more exciting news… I have commenced a very crucial part of my product business that I’m now officially ready to share with everyone ! If you’re in my day to day life, then you would know that since about October 2017 I’ve been starting up my own hair care range. I’m so excited… HAIR CARE, this is what I’m all about.. it’s literally ‘The Way I Vogue‘! With any start up business comes long hours, stress of designs, stress of product, stress of perfection, see a common factor? Haha. To start with I am launching two hair care serums to help strengthen, grow and maintain your hair. These are so so important to hair in general, and to my hair care range because I use them daily. All of my products I have come up with on my own with my manufacturing team who has brought them to life for me. Everything will be vegan friendly, sulphate free and never ever tested on our furry friends!

The next big steps that you’ll be seeing in the coming weeks and month of March are, website redesign to accommodate for shopping right here! How exciting that I’ll have everything on the one blog 🙂 This I’m getting done through an amazing company called Kwix Global… I highly recommend if you’re a blogger and want to expand. (This is not an ad, I’m genuinely impressed). Getting the design of the serum bottles, and shipping packs. It’s full steam ahead over here, but it will be very worth it when you guys can get the products I use for my long hair, in your hot hands.

Click on KUS CULTURE to be taken to the Instagram page where I’ll have all the latest updates as they come around before the launch.

In my blogging and vlogging world, there are a few collabs that I’m currently working on. One that I’m super excited about it about fitness and coffee… 😉 And all of them will be up on here in March and April. My next vlog will be of our mini holiday / business trip to Japan !!! I’ve never been to Japan before so if you have any handy tips please shoot them through to me ahhhh 🙂 It will be cold, and I’m a summer baby… that’s all I know for sure. But I’m super excited to get another vlog up !

As well as my business development, I have made a plan for a massive life change to happen in March. After our little holiday / business trip, that Will and I are going on shortly, I will be moving up to Cairns. It’s a big but necessary step for us, and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

So stay tuned for more launch details on Kus Culture hair care range, travel updates and more ! When I’m back I will upload a travel blog and vlog yay.

Stay sassy.

Cassy x

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