The Move.

This year I’ve made a pretty big move for someone pretty special to me. A massive lifestyle change has me now living in Cairns, Far North Queensland. If you don’t know where that [...]


Kon’nichiwa ! We’ve just come home from Niseko, which is in Japan! It was super exciting because I’ve never seen THAT much snow before, nor have I ever seen it actually snowing. [...]

Feb Updates.

I feel like I haven’t blogged in months, but it’s only been a couple of weeks ! So much has been happening and I feel I need to fill you in on my February !!! Where to even begin. [...]

Soul Sisters.

Oh Hey ! It’s that time of year where January is coming to an end, and you’re wondering how is the time flying so fast, Christmas was just yesterday ? Every January my best friend [...]


Merry Christmas & Happy new Year ! I hope all of you have had a great break from work or study 🙂 and are ready to rock the new year. Over the holiday period my partner swooped me away for a [...]

Self Health.

Hi Beauties ! I have put this write up under all categories because it’s not a topic I usually blog about, but something that’s very close to my heart. What I have written is my [...]


London has a very special place in my heart because both of my big European trips started here ! My first big trip alone overseas was with my best friend in 2013, where we travelled with Contiki [...]

Far North Queensland.

I have done a fair amount of travel over the past five years. Going to Europe and back several times, exploring different countries and cultures. Learning about history, and making some lifelong [...]