Staying Hydrated.

Hello beauties ! So as you know, if you read my Bali blog, I came home with Bali belly 🙁 So this year took me a little longer to get back into a proper gym routine. I’m sure we all have set [...]

Self Health.

Hi Beauties ! I have put this write up under all categories because it’s not a topic I usually blog about, but something that’s very close to my heart. What I have written is my [...]

Healthy Habits.

What does ‘being healthy‘ mean ? What does ‘getting into shape‘ mean ? We all have such different views for our own unique bodies, in understanding these questions. To be [...]

Why I love fitness.

Keeping fit has had a massive impact on my life this past year. It is my go-to for stress relief, and when I started seeing results, it made me want more. I wanted to work harder, lift heavier [...]