I haven’t written a blog for a while now, and finally having some time and clear head space, here I am. I guess in my mind I had constant road blocks which frustrated me because I love [...]

The Part 1.

Hi my lovelies, Today I wanted to write about the vlogs I’m filming for you guys. Vlogging is something completely new to me as I’ve always been one for words on paper, and say umm a [...]

It’s Almost Here.

The launch of Kus Culture is almost here and I am beyond excited to share some details with you ! My team and I have been working very hard to bring my ideas and brand to life. In the upcoming [...]

Feb Updates.

I feel like I haven’t blogged in months, but it’s only been a couple of weeks ! So much has been happening and I feel I need to fill you in on my February !!! Where to even begin. [...]

Sand & Sky.

Great glam, starts with great skin ! This week I’ve been trialing an Australian pink clay product on my skin and may I say, my face has never felt better ! Sand & Sky first caught my [...]

A Play On Playsuits.

Happy Wednesday lovelies ! You guys voted through a poll on my Instagram story for my next blog to be on fashion 🙂 So I decided to show you one of my all time favourite outfits from Kookai. If [...]

Soul Sisters.

Oh Hey ! It’s that time of year where January is coming to an end, and you’re wondering how is the time flying so fast, Christmas was just yesterday ? Every January my best friend [...]

Self Health.

Hi Beauties ! I have put this write up under all categories because it’s not a topic I usually blog about, but something that’s very close to my heart. What I have written is my [...]

Happy Socks.

Did you ever think that material to keep your feet warm, could make you happy ? Nope, I never considered it. Fun fact about me, I always wear socks at home. There is just a comfort factor about [...]

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