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Recently I was sent this charcoal whitening powder to try out by Bianco Smile. It seems to be all the rage lately to have the best sparkling whites to show off, and especially coming into this silly season with lots of sugar treats and drinks, we want to all maintain the hard work we put into our brushing. I’m fortunate enough to have white teeth to start off with and I use known whitening tooth pastes to keep them clean. However any new products to try, just to keep the maintenance up, is always a plus for me.

Bianco Smile is easy to use and I would recommend it for twice a week, just to spice things up in your teeth whitening life ! Here are the steps 🙂

Step One: Dip your tooth brush into the charcoal whitening powder. As you can see from my photo, the bristles aren’t dipped to the bottom, just half way.

Step Two: Brush your biters. Quick tip, do it with a closed mouth and don’t wear a white top..

Step Three: Rinse.. make sure you get all the charcoal out of your mouth properly.

Step Four: SMILE 😀

Now I’m not saying this is a be all and end all, however it’s a really handy product to have around, just to mix up your brushing habits.

Cassy x

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