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London has a very special place in my heart because both of my big European trips started here !

My first big trip alone overseas was with my best friend in 2013, where we travelled with Contiki for 37 days then by ourselves for another 2 months. This year I went completely solo on another Coniki trip, 29 days with an additional 2 months of travel after. So where do I even begin… London ! This time round I spent an extra week after my Contiki trip exploring London, and if I could describe it in one word, it would be “moreish”. I wanted to see more, do more, go to more musicals, eat at more restaurants, drink at more pubs and live more of the London life. I would 100% go back and recommend anyone who is considering travelling to London to give yourself at least a week.


Here were some of my highlights 🙂

Iconic telephone booth.

Buckingham Palace.

Tower Of London… double photo bomb.

Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.

‘The Lion King’ Musical.

The London Eye.

Camden Markets.

London also brings people together and makes friendships, I believe, that will last a lifetime. This here is one legendary woman Brit aka. Mama Brit. She was our tour guide this Contiki and continued to make me laugh in London afterwards.

Keep posted for weekly blogs of my travel stories and photos 🙂

Cassy x

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