Self Health.

Hi Beauties ! I have put this write up under all categories because it’s not a topic I usually blog about, but something that’s very close to my heart. What I have written is my [...]

Happy Socks.

Did you ever think that material to keep your feet warm, could make you happy ? Nope, I never considered it. Fun fact about me, I always wear socks at home. There is just a comfort factor about [...]

Daniel Wellington.

Daniel Wellington… the watch company I believe everyone should know about. This company only started off in 2011 in Sweden, and since then has taken off worldwide, with partnerships in over [...]

Bianco Smile.

Recently I was sent this charcoal whitening powder to try out by Bianco Smile. It seems to be all the rage lately to have the best sparkling whites to show off, and especially coming into this [...]