Summer go-to’s

With summer just around the corner, I’ve been going through my wardrobe and found some essential go-to’s that I always seem to wear ! I figured I have a couple of different [...]

Healthy Habits.

What does ‘being healthy‘ mean ? What does ‘getting into shape‘ mean ? We all have such different views for our own unique bodies, in understanding these questions. To be [...]


London has a very special place in my heart because both of my big European trips started here ! My first big trip alone overseas was with my best friend in 2013, where we travelled with Contiki [...]

Oh My Fendi.

This year I went on a European adventure for just under three months ! I know.. such a long time, and so much to share with you guys !! However today I wanted to specifically show you a purchase [...]

Far North Queensland.

I have done a fair amount of travel over the past five years. Going to Europe and back several times, exploring different countries and cultures. Learning about history, and making some lifelong [...]