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Hi my lovelies,

Today I wanted to write about the vlogs I’m filming for you guys. Vlogging is something completely new to me as I’ve always been one for words on paper, and say umm a lot on camera haha! However talking about my business and brand launching just rolls off my tongue. In the past two weeks I’ve made a huge decision to separate my blog The Way I Vogue and brand Kus Culture to two websites. This is a big change so close to product launch, but I wanted it to be easy and fresh to shop on a site away from my blogging. The Way I Vogue will also be having a little face lift with my go-to team at Kwix Global… very exciting.

My hair care product website will be active for the launch which is weeks away ! I’m building it to be quick and easy to get all the info you need and to make purchases of the goodies. I’m even building up a gallery of before and after photos of real hair and real people using my serums in this interim stage before launch.

In other news… One of my wisdom teeth is coming out so much that I’ve been in agonising pain for about four days now. I’m not gonna lie, I’m in denial and believe it’s going to pass and I can get the right side of my face feeling back to normal again. But I’ve seen the dentist and am now on antibiotics until next week when I get two wisdom teeth extracted… #prayforcass.

Our house downstairs is nearly renovated, and I cant wait to be living in it so soon ! I showed a bit of it in my latest vlog on YouTube. Have you seen it ? It’s all about how I started up my business and brand. This is what I’ve been wanting to chat about !!! Below is PART 1 of a mini series of vlogs that I am going to film leading up to the launch. This one is how I got started, what’s in the name and the products I will be launching my brand with. Next up I’ll be vlogging about my team of manufacturers, ideas, and how I’m getting together all of the fine details to make the packages perfect. Press play, and be kind, as like I said, I’m still so new at the vlogging game. Let me know if you like it 🙂

Let me know if I’m missing anything you want to hear.. email me on 🙂 I’d also be happy to hear from you on my YouTube channel or Insta.

Cassy x

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